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LOUD Architecture & Interior Design Ltd

LOUD is a creative architecture and interior design studio based in East London. Established in 2017 by Kate Clare, the portfolio of LOUD Architects is mainly residential; from large country houses to compact London corners.


At LOUD we believe Architecture & Interior design should be accessible to all. 


We create happy one-of-a-kind home extensions and interior spaces with the use of creative building materials, shapes and colour - We don't do 'Box on the back of a house' designs. 


Having fun with our clients is what drives us.  


In 2019  - We designed a UK first cladding system for our client blogger and Author @Pinkhouseliving

In 2020 – We were published front cover of the TIMES home section

In 2021 – We were published in; Homes and Gardens, GoodHomes, Daily Mail’s YOU Magazine, Build IT, Grand Design’s Live amongst others.

In 2021 – Loud Architects are currently featured on TV! 


LOUD’s director Kate Clare has appeared on the TV Carpenters Podcast, Love Renovate podcast as well as London Design Week panel guest at Chelsea Design Harbour.  

Along with all the regular services, we also offer a free 15 minute phone call consultation and a paid site-specific call.


Head over to our booking page. 


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Is this one of the coolest homes in London?

~ Katrina Burroughs, The Times

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