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"We are the builders who are building a world that has never been built before" - #blacklivesmatter

I know this is a turning point in history of mankind. And we have the privilege to able to be a part of it. Listed below are some books/accounts found this week (in the shadow of the Black Lives Matter Protests) and I wanted to share a few of my favourite black architects who have shaped the built environment we live in

1. Paul Williams The first African-American member of the American Architects institute (AIA) designed houses around 1920's - during the housing boom in LA. He was known for his mix of affordable houses, as well as larger, more opulent homes throughout the city . My personal favourites are; Theme Building, Frank Sinatras Residence and the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel.

Pic: Beverly Hills Hotel @bevhillshotel

2. David Adjaye The British-Ghanaian Architects work tends to feature historical motifs in decorative patterns - My personal favourite is his 'Black House' in Shoreditch opposite our office in the Tea Building. Pic: Black House #Dezeen

Pic: #viewpictures - This was the basis of my Masters Thesis project (adjaye_visual_sketchbook)

3. Diébédo Francis Kéré Diébédo Francis Kéré is a Berlin-based architect who is founder of Kéré Architecture. I read that Kéré was the only child in his family allowed to attend school - he chose to study Architecture. I loved his quote on why he chose blue for the Serpentine Pavilion: "In my culture blue is an important colour. For a young man when you're going to meet the dream of your life, if you have the chance to do something like I did here - you come with your best colour...This is indigo blue."

Pic: @artnewsafrica #designwanted

Books: Little Leaders: Bold Women In Black History

#renieddolodge - Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race

#ZadieSmith - On Beauty and White Teeth


#DavidAdjaye: Living Spaces

Accounts: @blackfemarc @theconsciouskid #taranaburke #blklivesmatter

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